Monday, August 26, 2013

Recent Sariola activities/Gear upgrade

Recent Sariola activities.

The shooting of the video to Sariola's single "From the dismal Sariola" is on 22th of september. Drum recordings will take place in the Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany, Mixing will be done at The Parlour Studio by the awesome Neil Haynes and my humble self. Costumes and decorations are almost ready. We can't wait until it's all done. More than 30 People are involved in the production process.

Some hardware news:

Still working on the rig. The new 4x12" cab is now an ENGL PRO 412SL, loaded, as always, with my favourite v30's. Tc electronic G-Sharp replaced with G-Major 2. (G-Sharp is now the backup fx-unit). Modded the bcf1010 midi controller with the eureka prom chip, for extra control of the g-major2, speaker and instrumental cables replaced through klotz rock master and titanium cables. Had to f*ck around with setting all the midi settings to work with the amp. behringer btr rack tuner now only works as rack light :))) Just one more 19" unit space left in the rack. I'll hold it for the new wireless unit. Can't decide which one to get. I think that for the next show i'll need a dedicated guitar tech to do all the switching.

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