Friday, January 18, 2013

Gear Review: Lehle P-Split II

The time has come to publish my very first gear review in this blog! And the first piece of gear i'd like to review is the Lehle P-Split II.

Saturday, January 05, 2013


What's up folks?

Some news from my audio-nest here :P

Bad news: Sariola's show in Cologne on 31 january was cancelled due to booking problems.

Good news: Worked on two new titles today. The first one is a cover on an ukrainian folksong. The style is some kind of folk/death metal. The carcass of the song is done already. Will need to record vocals and work on the keyboards a bit. The second track will be a new Sariola song, It kind of concludes to our new title "Hexshadowed" but is more experimental with use of some unorthodox synthies and bit more extreme :).

Currently i'm also working on a new article for homerecording beginners. Ok, i know there are lots of these on the web already, but this will get more specific on setups that i've known and used and with different budget-categories, so you'll know how much cash do you really need to spend to conceive your own homerecording studio with as few compromisses as possibe!

I'm going to order some studio lights, so i can actually begin to shoot some vids.

Cubase tutorials are also planned. And one is almost done. It's about proper Cubase project management. Just need time to get it all done, you know ;)

I'd like some feedback from you guys, for i see that there are currently over 100 clicks each day, basically from Germany, US and Russia. if you'd like to see or read a tutorial on some special topic or a gear/software review, just feel free to leave comment or to mail me on padlo.records {at] gmail dot com.

Have a nice weekend!