Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Live dates for Sariola correction!

Hey, In the original post the first live date was wrong so now the correct dates once more:

Sariola Live:

  • December 21th in Cage Club (Bottrop, Germany) with Mental War and Grimpact and on 
  • January 31th at MTC in Cologne, Germany  with Erlkönig

Some news from da studio as well. Drum session for Vredesbyrd are done, now bass and guitars coming up next! Please stand by.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eugene Getman's multimedia&info source: Vredesbyrd recording sessions launched.

Eugene Getman's multimedia&info source: Vredesbyrd recording sessions launched.: As already posted earlier, i decided to re-visit the once abandoned solo black metal project named "Vredesbyrd". Back in 2006 there...

Vredesbyrd recording sessions launched.

As already posted earlier, i decided to re-visit the once abandoned solo black metal project named "Vredesbyrd". Back in 2006 there were about 12 songs, that i wrote and recorded in an extremely short period of time. Two titles ("Antichrist no longer needed" and "False Messiah") were published on myspace and got real nice critics. However the rest of the songs were not finished, as i did not have enough lyrics. The other reason for laying that project on ice was, that due to fast writing and recording times some songs lacked detail. Yesterday i started with the drum programming sessions. I decided to do the drums in the box simply to avoid long recording times. Programmed drums also would give me flexibility to change song parts on the fly and/or to adjust the drums to according riffs. As soon as the drums are ready, i'll make the guitar and bass tracks. I still have not decided how to record guitars (in the box or via real deal). Probably i'll try both and see what's the best. Hope to finish the project before 2013.

So there's really a lot of work planned for the next few months. 
  • to record Sariola's single "From the Dismal Sariola"
  • to produce the Vredesbyrd's "Imminent Conflict"
  • to produce Mental War's new LP
  • to finish P.A.D.L.O.'s 3d album 
  • to revisit the 2008 started Electroindustrial album of "Zona del Silencio"
It's a lot of work, but since i do not have that many tvcommercial production request lately it could work out.

Stay tuned for more news!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mental War's EP gets 8/10 rating in Legacy magazine Germany


It's about a year after finishing work on that EP "Depth of depravity". Now the guys have managed to get a whole 8 out of 10 in the Legacy metal magazine which is my second work as a producer that was rated in that magazine. The last one was Demise Empire's LP "Unholy Grail" produced in 2007 or 2008. It's funny, that both Eugene, singer of Mental War and myself played in Demise Empire earlier. It was fun to work with guys from M-War and i'm looking forward to record and produce their upcoming new album. The recording sessions are booked on february 2013 (well, if the world ain't going down next month :) )

Thursday, November 08, 2012

2 live dates Sariola, Recent and not-so-recent news

So, i didn't post anything for quite a while. There was and is alot of things going on. In the past year there were some interesting projects like a live event with dj 4raver in Düsseldorf's Glashaus eith me playing keyboards and guitars while dj was running his set (improvised, there was no rehearsals or what so ever). Also produced an EP of a german thrash metal band "Mental War", EP's called "Depths of Depravity". The recording of Mental War's new CD is going to begin in february at my new studio location. And of course i re-recorded and fully re-produced Sariola's 1st album "Sphere Of thousand Sunsets"  which now can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and all other big music resources. Sariola played a gig in Mönchengladbach, Germany. I am also going to revisit my old black metal project "Vredesbyrd" to actually finish the album. For this i will re-record all music and vocals, to achieve todays level of production quality. Now the most recent news with Sariola. The drummer Morbid joined us again and we're rehearsing intensivly in order to deliver some great performance on the upcoming shows on
  • December 21th in Cage Club (Bottrop, Germany) and on 
  • January 31th at MTC in Cologne, Germany 

Sariola is working on a new single called "From the Dismal Sariola" which will be produced by a famous metal producer (won't tell you the name right now =) ). There are also some auditions for a new bass player going on. There is even much more to tell, but let's wait a bit!

I'll try to post as often as possible. It's just to time consuming to write all the news down, after a hard day :) But, i'll do my best!

P.S.: The production of the new P.A.D.L.O. album is currently stopped, due to lack of time.
P.P.S.: Sariola is currently looking for gigs in europe, so feel free to contact me on this anytime!!!