Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shure SM57 vs Fame MS 57: Do you really have to pay more?

Ok, they say that you get what you pay for and that a cheap copy can never beat the original and blah blah blah. But through years of recording i stumbled upon lots of exceptions to this statement. I heard some cheap condenser mics beat the hell out of some neumanns, heard some cheap preamps to sound on same level with expensive ones, cheap guitars that sounded better than their 2000 € equivalents and so on. Since i am using some Shure SM57s for recording drums, guitars and sometimes even vocals i was always wondering if those 30 $ copies can be nearly as good as the original. Every time i visited the Musicstore in Cologne i looked at the Fame MS 57 and asked myself if they could be any good? I heard different opinions ranging from "peace of sh*t" to "even better than the original", so one day i just decided to pick one up just to solve these questions once and for all.

Behringer FCB1010, ENGL Savage 120, TC Electronic G-Sharp easy MIDI setup guide.

Midi is a great thing to have in a musicians arsenal. It could make life so much easier, if you only knew how to deal with it? If your answer's "yes" then this article is for you my friend! Uncle Eugene spent a whole night (well actually it took like about half an hour, but it was really late at night) to understand the complexity of setting up MIDI devices to work together andthen explain it to you! Today we will learn how to setup an ENGL Savage 120 guitar amplifier with a TC Electronic G-Sharp effects processor and the Behringer FCB1010 Midi foot controller. Althought this tutorial is about these particular units it still might be helpful for users of ohter amps and effect processors. Read on!