Thursday, November 04, 2010

info: Some links

Hey! Here you'll find a few links to sites of my bands or projects with a brief description to each:

The band Sariola where i play guitar and compose the most songs:

Official Sariola MySpace
Sariola Homepage

band called P.A.D.L.O. is my old hardcore punk/thrash metal project wich is now expiriencing an ultimate metamorphosis (new album is beeing produced at this time, read more in the coming posts)

P.A.D.L.O. homepage

Black Metal solo project of mine wich i abandoned for an unknown period of time:

Vredesbyrd MySpace

This is an art web page o Igor Getman, where his video works are presented. The most of them are including my soundtracks (I'll write more about it in upcoming posts)

Getmanpictures official homepage

My MySpace profile can be found here:

My Facebook profile here:

Info about me on Wiki:

OK! That would be it! Stay tuned!

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