Thursday, November 04, 2010

art video: NO NAME

This is a short clip, written ad filmed by Igor Getman for a big exhibition in Weimar: Bazonale 
There were a lot of drawings and sculptures in a huge old industrial park. I personaly was there to "promote" that video clip. Oh yeah, almost forgot: i did the soundtrack for it, wich was an interesting expirience, because i had to simulate a lot of military-based sounds, like the jet engine and rockets flying by and other stuff. But it was reay fun and i can't wait to begin with some greater soundtrack productions for longer movies! I already engineered a few dozens of advertising clips for russian, georgian and turkish tv and have written countless songs for video production, but that was whole new dimension in working with video for me.Enjoy!

btw. check out Igor Getman's youtube channel! There are some interesting artworks in there!!!

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