Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back on stage! 18.12.2010

Alright! Sariola will play a gig with the wellknown viking metal band Varg in the club n8 on december 28th in Osnabrück (Germany)!

So, we are back on stage again! The show on 18th december promisses to be a great metal event, where almost every metalhead will find something he/she loves! Sariola made quite a long pause due to album recording and other reasons, but now we are ready to hit the stage with full noncompromise black metal force again. We will  play some new songs from our coming album "From the dismal Sariola" and of course the best of our older songs, so you really don't want to miss that show.
So i'll see you there!

Yours sincerely

Eugene Getman

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