Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TC Electronic G-Sharp review and sound samples

TC Electronic is well-known for expensive high quality effect processors in all imaginable directions, be it reverbs, delays, mastering processors or guitar and vocal fx processors. The G-Sharp is supposed to bring some of the classic TC Electronic effects (reverbs, delays and some modulations) in to a 19" guitar rack device for an affordable price. I had the chance to test this unit extensively and i will gladly share my expirience in this article. Read on!

First of all, let us look at the features of the G-Sharp:

  • Dual enginne guitar fx processor with delays, reverbs and modulation effects.
  • Clear and easy to use interface with up to 99 user presets.
  • MIDI input/output to control the device via external MIDI controller.
  • Software-Editor for preset editing and backups.
  • 2 symmetric analog inputs and outputs.
  • Pedal connection (for optional TC G-Switch pedal, or other switch pedals)
  • Digital S/PDIF input/output
  • Killdry switch to eliminate the dry (uneffected) signal from the signal chain.
At first sight one could get a bit disoriented because of lots of knobs and text on the front side. However if we'll take a closer look we will see, that the concept is very clear and easy to work with. There's no need to describe all of the control possibilities of the unit, because the most of them are self explanatory, but i will describe some crucial controls, to explain how to use the G-Sharp correctly.

The most important controls that determine the unit's sound are:
1. Parallel/Serial mode switch. This switch lets the user choose how the internal sound routing will work: In the serial mode the reverb engine comes after the modulation/delay engine, so the reverb is being added to the previously delay-, modulation- processed signal. In the parallel mode both engines are used simultaneously.

2. WET/DRY ratio. I would recommend to set your amp's fx loop level to max wet, and then adjust the effect ratio over the frontpanel of the g-sharp. This would help you to fine tune the effect balance much more effectively. Adjusting the wet/dry ration is crucial for a proper effect tuning. Sometimes you'll hear that there's too much of a hall or delay, for instance. You shouldn't decrease the delay or reverb parameters first, but simply set a dry/wet knob to more of a dry sound. This would taim the reverb tails a bit and make the sound much more comprehensive, but still with sweet effected tone.

3. There are no presets in the device. The manufacturer considers all settings set to 12 o'clock are the sounds that give you an idea of this device's capabilities.

The Test

The G-Sharp proved to be high quality fx processor. The 30 reverbs, delays and modulation effects will most likely suit any musicians taste. The control parameters of reverbs and effects deliver a wide range of sounds and sound colorations. Even the factory preset 12 o'clock settings sound very nice and leave room for further experiments. I, personally, couldn't say that i was blown away by any of the effects, but they all are certainly very usable and deliver professional sound for a live or a recording situation. First i thought that 15 reverbs is an overkill for an fx processor and that they maybe should have packed mored modulation fx, but after listening a bit closer i found that these reverbs all sound quite different and each of them could be used for different results. Flangers and choruses get out of control pretty quick so some cautious listening is required, but if certain patiance is invested, this will pay off in a good sound taylored to your taste,

Below you'll find a youtube video with all the effects played through with a help of an re-amped guitar sound.

Video 1. : audio materials to the g-sharp review. All info in the video.

The Impression

I'd like to write this impression in a "things i like/things i dislike" way, so you can decide for yourself if you're up to get one of these.

Things i like about the tc electronic g-sharp:
  • Good sound quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good connection possibilities.
  • Simple & effective concept.
  • More than affordable price (especially used).
  • Posibility of a backup if you'd somehow manage to create more than 99 presets.

Things i dislike about the tc electronic g-sharp:

  • No "wow effect" from the effects & reverbs if compared to G-Major 2 or similar.
  • Can only be controlled live with an external midi controllers, that are not included into the package.
  • Only few modulation effects, that rather sound neutral/lifeless (but still very usable).
  • Software editing doesn't always work as wanted.
  • No real factory presets, to show the device's capabilities.

The Conclusion

Ok, there are things i like and there are things i dislike about the G-Sharp. If you need a good multi-fx workhorse with a lot of reverbs and delays and good effect-tuning capabilities you're good to go with it. It handles the job very well, but requires time to get the right sounds. I'm a musician in first line and a producer and sound designer in the second, so some preprogrammed presets and fx combinations would make the g-sharp more attractive to me. I like to be impressed by cool presets that ignite my creativity and wake some ideas, without being forced to dial in effects and adjust the parameters to find something i like. It is very good to use on stage, if a good midi-controller (like the Behringer FCB1010) is available. The time between effect switching is very fast and therefore very suitable for shows. The unit is no longer available in music stores but can be still be bought on ebay for little money. The tc-electronic M350 seems to be it's successor and can be acquired for 180 € new in Europe and about 160-200 $ in US. I seriously doubt, that there's any device with features and sound quality and versatility of the G-Sharp fpr this money out there. If money is not an issue, i would rather recommend to get and G-Major 2, which has a lot more functions and possibilities. All in all a great product  for little money!

Stay tuned!


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  4. Hello, I just bought a new G Sharp, to use with my older keyboards. Very good machine. PR. Portugal.