Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey, just a small NEWZ UPDATE here!

1. Mental War recording sessions started this weekend. We recorded the drums with Mental War's drummer Magnus. Managed to nail 10 Songs in just two days. Guitars & Bass recording sessions coming up next!

2. Last week the vocal parts to Sariola's new single "From the dismal Sariola" were accomplished with some great results. Not only Loreley has done a great job on the lead vocal parts, but also added some great backing vocals and schizo effects to the song. We also started to record the vocals for the new song "Hexshadowed".

3. The filming of the video-clip to Sariola's new hit-song "Hexshadowed" is planned for July-August 2013.

4. Vredesbyrd's drum and bass guitar tracks are finished for all songs for the upcoming album "Imminent conflict". Guitar tracks for two songs are done as well.

Stay tuned!

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