Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sariola's unpublished insturmental soundtrack

Hey there!

Got a new/old Sariola instrumental soundtrack for a phantasy book here. Published for the very first time! Check it out

Ok this track is not quite new to be honest, but since it wasn't published until now its nothing wrong in posting an older track, imho. "Facing Hybrid Worlds" is an instrumental soundtrack written specially for the book series of E. Suhova called "Twilight Hunter" (published in russian). The Author appeared to be Sariola's fan and told us, that our music somehow created the atmosphere for writing some scenes of the book. She even included our band doing a gig in the first book. Or maybe in others too. I didn't have the time to read 'em all. So she asked us if we could do a soundtrack for that first book and i instantly agreed, because it was kinda inerestring to write a soundtrack for a book, you know. I thought that since it's a fantastic band playing in a phantasy book the music should also be not exactly the same as we perform in reality. For me a soundtrack to anything with "phantasy" on the list, shold sound futuristic and out of this world. So i just used a lot of synth sounds amongst the typical new sariola chain-gun riffing. I even went further and played with Steinbergs incredible tool called "loopmash", that was actually created for electronic music. One might say that such a genre mixture wouldn't sound that homogeneous , but i think it came out very nice and tight. Anyway, you can check for youselves since i'll post it right here!

Stay tuned!

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