Monday, February 25, 2013

Behringer announces new Nekkst monitor series

Behringer anounced the very new monitor series designed by the founder of the reknown studio monitor manufacturer KRK. Nothing special? New monitors come out every day? Yeah, but these got some really interesting features that i'd like to write about. Read on!

To start right away I am an KRK user myself. I worked a lot with the VXT's and te Rokits and know their behavior very well. I also used and still use some of the Behringer products (like the FCB101 MIDI foot controller, BCF2000 DAW controller with motor faders, ECM8000, BTR2000, Virtualizer PRO, Ultrafex Pro, Multigate Pro and so on). The most reliable items are those that do not deal with sound. I do use their sound processors for rehearsals or short demo recordings, but rarely even try them on serious production. I also intensively auditioned some of the Behringer Truth monitors and was quite unpleased. They sounded boxy and undetailed compared to almost any other speaker monitor in their price range. The very new Nekkst monitors, however, are packed with some great features and are indeed very promising.

Both dsp controlled models K5 and K8 feature glass fiber woofers (5" and 8"), 1" silk dome tweeter, whole 4 (!) amplifiers bringing 150 Watts, ultra linear frequency response, "wave guide" chasis form that looks quite similar to the typical KRK design, XLR, TRS & RCA connectors that can be simultaneously(!) used with the USB connection. Frequency response is 40 Hz to 20 kHz on the k8 and 45 to 20 kHz on the k5 respectively, which is kind of a standard for monitors of these sizes. The most important and innovative features, however, are:

  • Separately controlled limiters to protect the monitors from overloads.
  • The so called "planet earth" power supply that should ensure noise-free audio playback and maintain good transient response.
  • Extremely large "sweet spot" zone.
  • Acoustic characteristics are adjustable over an iOS app right from the listeners position.
  • Furthermore This App includes a selection of famous monitors models AND preferred artist listening environments.
  • Also adjustable to sub-woofer operation.
  • Bluetooth streaming. You can stream your music right from an iPhone via Bluetooth, which of course wouldn't be a reason to pick a pair of near field monitors but is a nice bonus feature.

I can not wait to take a listen to this monitors. If everything stated by Behringer is true these monitors could become the real game changer. The street prices are going to be 399$ for the k5 and 499$ for the k8. PAIRPRICE! 

I'll write a full blown review, as soon as i get my hands on the Behringer's new multitalents!

Stay tuned!

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