Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey! It's been a while since the last post again. But here are some news:

Just 4 days until Sariola's show @ the Cage Club, with Mental War & Grimpact. We do a lot of rehearsing in order to blow your brains away on friday 21th! And don't forget: FREE ENTRY, aaaaaand the actual news is: We are going to play 2 songs, that never had been performed before and one song, that nobody even heard! That's right, it's a new title, called "Hexshadowed". I just can't wait to nail it on stage...

But that's not nearly all, baby! The Vredesbyrd recording takes a bit longer then i wanted, cause i had to go to Hamburg for a week (IT thing), But the bass recordings are done, so it's just guitars and vox left. Think I'll nail 'em this week. 

Sariola vocal recording sessions are coming up next. Since Loreley von Rhein uses the TC Helicon Voicelive 2, we have been tweaking on it a lot lately not only to use the all custom made presets on the records, but to use them live as well. I must admit, that this peace of gear is ultra versatile, has endless effect combinations and supreme sound quality! So prepair yourself for the release of the "Loreley von Rhein Voicelive 2 Custom Preset Pack". 3 presets are already there. More to come!

Advanced cubase video tutorials, gear  & software reviews and some preset packs to follow as well!

Feel free to write your suggestions about gear or software you would like to know more about in comments.

Stay tuned!

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