Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vredesbyrd recording sessions launched.

As already posted earlier, i decided to re-visit the once abandoned solo black metal project named "Vredesbyrd". Back in 2006 there were about 12 songs, that i wrote and recorded in an extremely short period of time. Two titles ("Antichrist no longer needed" and "False Messiah") were published on myspace and got real nice critics. However the rest of the songs were not finished, as i did not have enough lyrics. The other reason for laying that project on ice was, that due to fast writing and recording times some songs lacked detail. Yesterday i started with the drum programming sessions. I decided to do the drums in the box simply to avoid long recording times. Programmed drums also would give me flexibility to change song parts on the fly and/or to adjust the drums to according riffs. As soon as the drums are ready, i'll make the guitar and bass tracks. I still have not decided how to record guitars (in the box or via real deal). Probably i'll try both and see what's the best. Hope to finish the project before 2013.

So there's really a lot of work planned for the next few months. 
  • to record Sariola's single "From the Dismal Sariola"
  • to produce the Vredesbyrd's "Imminent Conflict"
  • to produce Mental War's new LP
  • to finish P.A.D.L.O.'s 3d album 
  • to revisit the 2008 started Electroindustrial album of "Zona del Silencio"
It's a lot of work, but since i do not have that many tvcommercial production request lately it could work out.

Stay tuned for more news!

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